MsC 2014 will have around 50 classes or workshops starting on Saturday at 9 AM until Monday at 2 PM. Classes are presented for a diverse group of national and international, regional and local presenters.

Below is a partial list of the classes approved. More classes will be posted as we receive and approve them.

10 Rules for Happy Non-Monogamy ~ Andrea Zanin

So you’d like to be romantically involved with more than one person at once? Or maybe you’d just like to sleep with someone other than your one-and-only? Whether you’re considering your first steps into non-monogamy or you’re an old hand looking for a fresh perspective, you’ll find valuable tidbits in this common-sense approach to enjoying love and sex in the plural. This is an interactive workshop with lots of room for beginners and experienced poly folk alike to share their questions and experiences.

24/7 Without Cohabitation ~ slave david stein

People usually assume that for "24/7 slavery" the Master and slave must live together in the same household. The slave is always in close call if the Master wants or needs something, and the Master can easily supervise the slave's service because the results are right there at hand. But not all of us can or even want to live that way, yet we don't necessarily consider ourselves "part-time" Masters and slaves just because we don't sleep under the same roof. What are some of the ways that 24/7 slavery can extend beyond a Master's immediate environs, and what are some things that may stretch the bond too far?

Age Difference: The challenges that go with it ~ Master Don and orja

Master Don and orja are a Master/slave couple that have a fairly significant age difference between them. What type of challenges does a couple like this face? How do they deal with it? How have they dealt with illness and the natural progression of aging? How do they integrate their likes and dislikes that come from being 24 years apart? How do you form such a close bond with someone from a different generation? Master Don and orja share how they do it and some of the struggles they’ve been through.

Are you my Master? Are you my Dominant? ~ slave namaste

This class is an integrated exploration and exercise in the stages that a submissive/slave can go through when seeking a Dominant or Master. Come learn tips, techniques and tools to help recognize the one who is, may be, or is definitely not the Dominant or Master for you. This class is interactive and discussion style so bring your ideas, stories and questions to share in a safe environment.

submissives and slaves only

The Art of Receiving Service ~ Andrea Zanin

Some delightful creature wants to polish your boots, clean your house and make you a home-cooked meal every night… without charging a cent! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, it is. But if you’re one of those lucky souls who has inspired the devoted attention of a service-oriented individual, you may have noticed that being on the receiving end requires its own kind of work, and comes with a very particular set of challenges. This workshop will help you get a handle on those challenges—from the inner work of vulnerability, trust and self-knowledge to the practical tasks of developing management skill, protocol and consensual entitlement. Come learn how to cultivate a profound, mutually rewarding relationship between server and served. BDSM experience not required.

The Bipolar, ADD, OCD, SAD Life in an M/s Dynamic ~ Master Fire and slavelliot

Having a mental health condition doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from having a productive life or meaningful Ms dynamic. Master Fire and slavelliot share their experiences with the up and downs of mental health inside their relationship, discuss the impacts, challenges and blessings of unique brain chemistry as well as some of the management and coping techniques they have used.

Broken Collars, Broken Hearts: Resolving Relationship Loss & Grief For Masters & slaves ~ Master Skip

The most off-limits topic of conversation in our contemporary society is grief—the normal and natural response to loss. And while grief can arise in all aspects of our lives, it provides some extraordinary complications for those attempting to resolve the loss—whether through death or “divorce”—of a M/s or D/s relationship. Indeed, for many of us working through such grief is tantamount to emotional edge play.

Join Master Skip, a certified Grief Recovery™ counselor, as he examines the toll that unresolved grief takes on us, the many myths about grief, the grief and loss issues unique to M/s and D/s, and each of the actions that must take place for resolution and healing to occur.

In order to facilitate a conducive environment for supportive discussion, no one will be admitted into the room once the door has been closed.

I choose to serve : A dominant personality in a slave? ~ slave raven

Does the person to the right of the slash have to have a submissive personality? How can someone with a dominant personality thrive in a service role? Actually the answers are not always as obvious as it would seem. This class looks at how it can work and work well for everyone involved.

Coping with Health Issues/Disabilities in a Master/slave Dynamic ~ Master Michael and slave angie

A slave who loves to take care of her Master, her M/s, Leather and Kink communities with fervor and zest. A Master who explores life to the fullest whether on a motorcycle or hiking in the mountains and deserts or getting involved with the local leather clubs. When the onset of lupus became a lifechanging event for the slave? when the Master realized that his lifelong struggles with communication and social interaction were a sign of Aspergers? both realized that their dynamic would take some interesting twists and turns.

The class will cover:
* How health issues/disabilities can affect a dynamic
* Some suggestions on keys for coping
* Other considerations for taking care of parties involved in the dynamic long-term

Master Michael and slave angie will share how illnesses and disabilities have affected their M/s relationship and their ongoing discoveries in keeping their dynamic intact and growing. Michael and Angie like to conduct this class as a guided discussion to encourage participants to share their experiences and ask questions.

Creative Conflict Resolution ~ Master George

Conflict.  Even among groups with a common goal, conflict will appear.  Strong willed, self-serving, committed to perspective and ideology as we humans are, conflict is not only inevitable, it is commonplace.  For most, when conflict ensues it is time to check-out.  Most people hate confrontation, preferring instead to voice displeasure surreptitiously so they can vent their emotions, yet not have to resolve the differences that will likely require compromise and perhaps even the admission that one may be wrong about something.  And in the Leather/BDSM community, the personality traits are highly charged-- given our proclivity to prefer authority or relinquish authority-- so when conflicts arise they usually have a larger-than-life incarnation.

But there are tools to manage conflict.  There are processes and standards that can be agreed upon, and approached with mutual respect, or, if not with respect, with a realization that the resolution to a conflict will cost less over time than keeping the conflict active by either refusing to come to the table, or by ignoring the conflict exists by avoidance. And then there is the realization that conflict has a positive incarnation-- that it allows us to think outside our own needs and ideology; it gives us an insight to what others may need and how that need can be addressed.
As a community leader in Los Angeles, Master George has years of experience dealing with conflicts ranging from the complaints of a disgruntled club member to the violation of ethics by someone in the community that required intervention.  He has taken these experiences and codified them into a presentation that explores the kinds of conflict that can ensue in personal relationships, romantic relationships, in the larger community, in politics, and in the business of running a thriving BDSM club.  He will cover the broad range of types of conflict, and how we find ourselves embroiled in them, and how we can work to put simple but effective tyools ino place in order to bring conflicts to a peaceful and rewarding resolution.
Topics Covered: Types of Conflicts To Consider; Ethics; Conflict Illustrations, Examples, Personalities, Reactions; Choosing One’s Battles; The Art of Diplomacy; The Art of Negotiation; Where There is No Compromise / Loss; Rumors – The Pitfalls and Challenges; Self Maintenance; Empathy / Listening Skills.

Creating the Foundation of M/s ~ Mistress Suzan and slave ziggy

No matter what style of Mastery and slavery you choose, a strong foundation will allow for healthy, fulfilling relationships.  Maintaining this foundation is the responsibility of both master and slave.  During this session we will discuss the elements that are crucial to that foundation.

We will also cover some strategies for maintaining the consensual nature of your relationship, as well as making repairs to your structure should it be damaged.  Please come and join Mistress Suzan and slave ziggy, and contribute your experiences with us, as well.

Dealing with illness and death in a M/s Household ~ Master Taino and slave Erich

Based on their personal experiences, Master Taíno and slave Erich will address the issues involved when serious illness and eventual death occurs in a Master/slave household. They will discusses the process including preparing yourself, deterioration of the loved one, and realization of the outcome, the reversal of roles, emotions and grieving, dealing with biological family, aftermath, memories and legacy.

This is a very emotional issue but it presents the reality of life and death that we all have to face. This workshop is based on Master Taino’s experience with the illness and death of his slave tommy in 2001 and illnesses to their slaves throughout his journey and slave Erich’s recent experience with the illness and premature loss of his owner, Ms. Margaret.

The Discipline of M/s ~ Patrick Mulcahey

Probably the most consistent question newcomers to the Master/slave dynamic ask is:  "But what about when I don't feel like it?" 
You know the syndrome.  M/s is hot to think about, intriguing to watch in the interactions of others; you can find it blazingly fulfilling for a few hours or even a few days; but inevitably you find yourself thinking:  I could never be that submissive [or: that dominant] all the time.

Yes, M/s takes time, thought, practice, maturity, takes getting used to.  But what is rarely acknowledged is that M/s is also a discipline -- like getting up and going to work every day, like exercising, brushing your teeth, dozens of things you do that are now second nature to you, whether you "feel like it" or not.  

Join us for a discussion of how the discipline of M/s works in our dynamic and how it might work in yours, including those little motivational tricks that goose you when you need it (or goose your partner on the other side of the slash).

The Four Circles ~ Master David Walker

We need to be able to build healthy relationships in our Master slave dynamic. This is true internally to our households and externally to those we impact in our community. Our communities grow larger every year, and with it are greater challenges of dealing with different types of people and we often face surprising toxicity and problematic people. The Four Circles is a Native American strategy for building lasting and healthy relationships, and provides practical ways to navigate difficult situations and create circles of supportive people. Topics include: finding partners, determining the structure of your relationships, training strategies, building close friendships, identifying and dealing with killer tops and bottoms, problematic people, and toxic people.

Get It Together: Organizational Tips For Those Who Serve ~ Master Don and orja

For those of us who serve, finding enough time in the day to get everything done can be a challenge. This class will focus on tips to get better organized, time management, as well as planning ahead to make our lives as well as the lives of those we serve easier.

Is it a Hat, Cap, or Cover and the Importance of “The Ceremony”? ~ Master David Cook

During this interactive, fun-filled, yet serious class, we will unravel the mystery about this very important topic. Hats, wraps, and helmets have been worn for thousands of years; so, we can accept that fact and focus on our lifestyle and the leather culture over the past 75 years and the impact of the rapid growth of our lifestyle during the past 15 years. Expect to discuss this topic in depth, share experiences regarding the “Covering Ceremony” and, participate in a practice or real ritual.

(For those that would like to have their ceremony during this class, coordinate with Master David Cook at least a day before the class.)

How to Train the slave You Have ~ Master D and slave passion

No matter whom you are or what type of relationship you have, you had ideas and expectations of the partner you wanted. As the Rolling Stones said, “You can’t always get what you want”. We don’t get to check off a list of characteristics, hand it to the M/s gods and get the exact slave we dreamed of. So how do you move forward and work with the slave you have? From the Master’s perspective, we will discuss how to determine what is most important to you, how to adjust expectations in certain situations and how to embrace the natural talents and abilities your slave has. For the slaves, we will discuss how you find comfort when you are outside your comfort zone and how to stop comparing yourself to others. We encourage attendees to share their experiences in fitting a square peg in a round hole.

Intentionally Shaping the M/s Dynamic ~ Master Bert Cutler & slave nadine

On the surface, once a M/s relationship has been declared, the Master trains the slave to serve in the ways the Master desires. In practice, it is not always that simple. Egos can get in the way. slaves have been taught by society they need to stand up for themselves, and taught by our kink community they need to be meek and submissive. Masters can come from a history of needing to “be nice,” of being hesitant to take command of another’s life or can have a belief that in order to be Mastery, they need to be domineering.

This presentation is a practical conversation of what we have found supports making the internal shifts that enhances both the M/s dynamics and our lives.

Jealousy and Envy ~ slave Caroline

Through all time, jealousy and envy are age old primal issues for human dynamics often driven by deep fears which can result in destructive or dysfunctional relationship dynamics. In relationships based on power equality both parties are ultimately entitled to resolve the conflict by walking away from the relationship.  However, in relationships based on unequal power, dealing with jealousy is often one of the most difficult issues Master slaves face.

Can one avoid jealousy in Master slave dynamics? What are the implications for constructively structuring Master slave dynamics? Is it possible, (morally, ethically or spiritually) to use jealousy and envy as tools for growth? How can it be effectively dealt with? 
Come join slave Caroline In this workshop in which she will share her personal experiences about jealousy and envy as well as her thoughts about how to use these human emotions constructively.

The Journey of a Master ~ Master Taíno

We do not become Masters overnight.  For most of us, it has been a long journey to find our calling, and discover out true heart and spirit.  And when we do, then the journey to learn the nuts and bolts of being a good Master just begins and that learning process never ends.  But, more often than not, the struggles emerge.

The balancing act between our lives as a Master and the so-called “normal life” become a clear challenge.  How priorities are set?  How out can we be? 
Join Master Taíno in an honest and frank discussion on the journey of the Master.  You most likely will realize that you are not alone in your own struggles throughout your journey.

Keeping New Relationship Energy Going: Some Ideas for Living in Romance ~ Jen and Dr. Bob Rubel

We have all experienced the excitement, the fun, the sexual thrill of a new relationship. We have experienced times when we couldn’t focus much beyond our new partner. Then, almost without awareness our world returned to the mundane, leaving us yearning for what now seems lost. Come join our class as we share some strategies for falling in love again night after night.

Listen Up! Listening Skills for D/s Dynamics ~ Andrea Zanin

Have you ever wished you could see straight into your slave’s soul, and know what makes them tick? Have you ever desired to know exactly how best to please your Master/Mistress? Strong communication is the key to harmony in any relationship. That’s no less true for those of us who are drawn to the complexities and delights of power-based relationships, whether ongoing or occasional. And yet, despite the intensity and focus they can involve, sometimes our D/s or M/s dynamics can themselves add a layer of difficulty to the already challenging dance of human interaction.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about a classic listening process (active listening) and how to adapt it to the realities of M/s. From there we’ll dive into practice in small groups. This dynamic workshop is highly participatory, extremely practical, and surprisingly challenging! You’re guaranteed to come out with fresh insights and new skills to help deepen the intimacy and strengthen the bonds of your M/s—whether you’re currently in such a relationship or brushing up for a future one.

Existing M/s pairs or groups are warmly welcomed, but there is no need to attend with a partner.

M/s and the Boundaries of Consent ~ slave david stein

Is consensual slavery "consensual" in exactly the same ways as consensual BDSM play or other types of D/s relationships? Or does consensual M/s require exceptions or revisions to the usual notions of consent in the BDSM community? Is the popular concept of "consensual non-consent" applicable here, if it is coherent to begin with? Or maybe it's the concept of "consensual slavery" that's incoherent, as some have argued? Can we cut this Gordian knot?

Masters Only ~ Master Z

This discussion group is exactly what the title suggests. Master Z gives an opportunity for Masters, Mistresses, Daddies, Sirs, Ladies and Tops of all flavors to gather and share their thoughts with each other.

Mentoring Relationships for Masters and slaves ~ Sir Eric Pride

Mentoring is a process in which a more skilled or experienced person, serving as a role model, teaches, encourages, counsels and befriends a less skilled or experienced person for the purpose of promoting the latter’s development.

In this class we discuss how to build successful mentoring relationships for Masters and slaves, addressing topics such as: Do we need mentors? Why are these relationships important?; What does the mentee get out of it? And, what does the mentor get out of it?; Building mentor/mentee relationships: How to mentor a Master? How to mentor a slave?; A 3-stage process for mentoring Masters and slaves; Best practices in mentoring of Masters and slaves

The presenter has many years of experience both as a mentor and as a mentee in lifestyle and vanilla situations.

Ms. Margaret’s Memorial Tea Service ~ Lady Lynette

Ms Margaret was the embodiment of the term “Lady". Her teas were renowned throughout her area and across the country. Please join Lady Lynette in a tea party in honor of Ms. Margaret. We will sit and "visit", enjoying the fellowship of others while sipping tea and indulging our taste buds.
This is limited to 20 guests.

Multidimensional Service ~ slave ziggy

Each of us are called to service in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. During this presentation we will discuss service forms of service and how they pertain to surrender. We will also open the discussion to the motivations behind service and how those motivation pertain to compatibility with master. Slave ziggy  invites his fellow slaves to join in this presentation.

No Apology - Breaking Down Barriers ~ Master Fire and slavelliot

Saying, “I’m sorry,” is easy. We do it every day in common society. Making amends, however, is more difficult because it requires us to change our behavior. By doing away with the words, “I’m Sorry,” as well as other societal norms, inside of our Ms relationships, we can break down social constructs and replace them with something more meaningful, transforming our dynamics into much more purposeful connection. Master Fire and slavelliot share how they eliminated the words, “I’m sorry,” as well as other expected constructs in their relationship in order to gain a deeper connection and bond.

Obey Me! ~ Master George and slave bren

It seems straightforward, and so very simple. But how often do we all struggle to the challenges of obedience? How often are we faced with the need to be obedient to a culture, to a principle, or to use our skills to overcome the hurdles that life throws at each of us? Is it just the slave or submissive who needs to obey a guideline, or does the Master obey standards and criteria? Do we all submit to something at some point, even if we submit to who and what we are, be that a D-type or an s-type?

Obedience: the “atomic fuel” of the D/s and M/s dynamic. We’ll cover striving to attain obedience, and what it requires you to work on in order to achieve success on a consistent basis. How can Masters/ Dominants help motivate submissives/slaves, in order to having them succeed, even if small steps are required to navigate first? How can we help our s-types gain the trust required to do so. How can we avoid ways to set them up for failure, and, working together as a team, grow from small tasks to reaching a nearly reflexive expectation of obedience from both the Master/Dominant and the submissive/slave. We’ll also examine compliance versus obedience, expectations of obedience and what the consequences for missing the target should be, and how life’s challenges can become an obstacle to someone who feels compelled to obey but cannot muster the ability to do so.

The Power of “No” ~ slave Caroline

Master slave folk tales go hand in hand with the Internet literati in advocating black and white, scorch earth reactions when a slave utters “No!”.  The myth states evolved and near perfect slave do not utter this word.  Yet in practice, “No” is expressed from time to time; sometimes even by some of the most experienced slaves.  Despite this, “No” remains one of the taboo subjects in Master slave relationships.
This workshop aims to explore the “No”.  Why does a “No” arise?  What takes place internally in a slave for a No to surface?  Is there ever a ‘simple’, ‘black and white’ or ‘right’ way for Masters and slaves to deal with the “No”?  Is “No” ever appropriate? 
Join slave Caroline In this workshop in which she will share her personal “No” experiences as well as her thoughts about the power of the “No”.

Practicing what we Preach ~ Patrick Mulcahey

What would it look like if even just for this weekend we acted as if we believed what we say about our M/s lives? What would a real-world Master/slave subculture look like?

We’re half-hearted and provisional even at our most important M/s events and conferences. Yes, we propagate presumably handed-down standards about what to call each other, how slaves should walk and talk and dress, how to touch a Muir cap and grant a collar — but small variations in these things, even complete non-adherence, are trivial. These are not the structures that create a lived environment.

Why is it so difficult for the Master to register and pay for the slave at so many of our events? Why aren’t M/s classrooms furnished with both chairs and pillows? If we’d like an owned slave to speak or teach, why don’t we first contact his or her Master? Why don’t we offer separate dedicated lounges for Masters and for slaves, for peer support and socializing?  

Let’s help each other envision more authentic and responsive ways of being together, with a view to proposing a short list of recommendations for producers of M/s events.

Preparing & Protecting the Property ~ slave bren

Before you are ready to run you must know how to walk. And before you’re ready to walk, you must be able to crawl. In order to evolve into a healthy submissive or slave, there are important preliminary basics that should be learned and adopted. These are important developments in your journey and are as vital as crawling and walking is to learning how to run.
In Preparing and Protecting the Property, hosted by slave bren, you will discover core obligations you have to make yourself ready and able to serve a worthy Master or Dominant.
This class will cover: Health, Skills, Psychology, Education, Finances, Self awareness, as well as explore possible pitfalls, challenges, baggage. By readying yourself for a life in the M/s or D/s lifestyle, you will be promoting a confident outlook and strengthening yourself in both mind and body.
Learn the key tools to knowing yourself better, healing yourself, and being open to new possibilities. Stand strong in your slavery or submission and learn the ways of making sure you are in control of your life before giving that authority over to another. A strong well educated slave is one to be admired and respected, be all you can be for yourself and the one you one day wish to serve.
Join slave bren and discover how important it is to prepare and protect the property, so you can be ready to serve the Master or Dominant to whom you can devote your life.

Sacred Service ~ Master Obsidian and slave namaste

What is the “spirit” of Service? How can you combine spirituality and service to elevate your power exchange dynamic. How can service be a spiritual tool? What is the role of the Dominant/Master in this dance of service? Master Obsidian and slave namaste explore the concepts of spirituality and of service and will teach how combining the two can create  a synergy that is both compelling and intense, serving to deepen the dynamic and strengthen the bonds of M/s. You’ll learn practical tools that can be used, how to ritualize any action or directive, what is Presence, and much more. Come with an open mind!

Service with a Smile: Tactics for Overcoming Temporary Obstacles in Being Your Best ~ Laura Antoniou

Service is a way to demonstrate admiration, caring, respect, affection, and of course, love. It can also be a reward in and of itself, either as a pleasurable thing the bottom really enjoys doing, or an experience the bottom wishes to have for a personal reason. Some people enter service specifically to have the experience on their way toward becoming a more well rounded practitioner of SM. But again and again, we return to what they most basically want to do, and to be: useful. Attending “Service-oriented Submission” is not required, but highly recommended. Laura will discuss strategies in overcoming those temporary distractions that keep a service-oriented individual from performing their best. Also addressed are questions of basic needs in a relationship, and ways of determining, for yourself, if the relationship you are in is positive or negative, whether you have temporary difficulties, or consistent ones. Workshop participants are encouraged to share ways they have discovered to keep a proper service mentality, and to being up the challenges of being servile.

Shadow Tango: The Soul Dance Of Master And Slave ~ slave Rick

A Master/slave relationship is a dance of souls, each drawing the other into a ferocious embrace that facilitates healing, growth and ultimately egoic surrender in both the Master and the slave.

In this interactive presentation you are invited to dialogue with slave Rick as he shares some thought provoking realizations derived from his 12+ year relationship with his Master and from his experiences as a practicing psychotherapist within the BDSM community that will assist you in recognizing the enticing rhythms of your own particular D/s dance.

slaves only ~ slave lara & Vi Johnson

A huge favorite time for all slaves, boys and girls. This is an opportunity for slaves to share what is in their hearts with each other. The presenter kicks out the Owners to give the slaves an opportunity to laugh, cry, yell, and sigh.

Slave Positions ~ Master Michael and slave angie

A body, shaped by the will of another. A presentation, a ritual, a message of service and devotion from one human to another. If the sound of that gets you going, then you might consider enhancing your Power Exchange Dynamic with slave positions! Positions take advantage of two wonderful toys the human mind and the human body. Putting someone into a position puts them in a place of usefulness, of beauty, of functionality or even of humiliation.

This class will cover: protocols and positions, training and enhancing, examples of different positions, and integrating positions into your dynamic and play.

Master Michael and slave angie will share their joy of incorporating positions into their M/s dynamic. This class takes into consideration that we all are of many body types and "bendability” and explores the possibilities otherwise. We'll be doing "hands on" (or knees-on) demos. Class members will be encouraged to come up with positions or use of positions on your own this class is limited only by everyone's imagination and participation!

The Start-Up Master ~ Master David Walker

A fun new class for those beginning or exploring their Ms journey. Masters define themselves. However, self-definition can take years of trial and error as mistakes translate into hard learned lessons. This presentation shares lessons and shortcuts in establishing positive Ms dynamics and direction. It also explores pitfalls and suggests strategies to avoid missteps. Topics include: discussion on the three fatal errors Masters make that can damage relationships and reputations, strategies for setting relationship direction, two steps to successful slave training, transitioning the slave from play to reality and more.

Transition and Change ~ Master David Walker

Each year the Master slave community grows and with the growth comes change and challenges. Divisions, disputes, and battle lines are sometimes drawn as new thought begins to usurp old traditional ways. This course presents a positive view of change and discusses the advantages of moving into a new paradigm. Uncharted waters open new vistas and areas of opportunity. Should we venture in?

Unclassified ~ slave llamb

Life can feel like a tennis match and you are the ball being bounced back and forth. Sometimes it can be a playful volley. Other times something hits you hard like a racquet and your are bounced around feeling helpless.
The ball can bounce back because it is rubber and resilient. We need to be resilient also so we can bounce back and not crack under life's pressure. This is not an M/s specific class, but a class on living with a positive
attitude and avoiding traps that can hurt us.

Understanding How Power Exchange Relationships can get into Trouble ~ Dr. Bob Rubel & M. Jan

Power exchange relationships can be difficult to sustain over time. It takes a lot of ongoing work to keep such relationships fresh and it’s easy to slip back into more common archetypes (“husband/wife” or “boyfriend/girlfriend). This workshop covers such topics as: initial reasons why a power exchange relationship can get into trouble; ego and insecurity in relationships; structural reasons for difficulties; exploring fear and anxiety among slaves and submissives; inability of one partner to be what the other wished for; and an exploration of positive characteristics one might look for in a partner.

This class is suitable for those new to our culture. Attendees may wish to take notes.

Unsafe Words – Exercises to Jazz Up Your Sex Writing ~ Laura Antoniou

Maybe you've tried your hand at some erotic story telling, or you've been doing it for years – but like any other talent, good writing takes practice! Bring something to write on and try a few short exercises to stretch those sexy thought muscles. Invent instant characters, describe a lover in a new way, write convincingly about something you've never done – even create at a complete piece of flash fiction right in this class. Designed for a wide range of experience and talent, this class is about pushing your creative limits to see what wonderful things you can pull out of your imagination. Participants must bring something to write on – pen & paper or any device that can save text, as we will be crafting and reading in this class!

Valuing your Needs ~ Master Andy and Sue

Running in the back ground of every brain is a checklist of values. In our relationships with other people and with ourselves these values drive our judgments and actions. During the workshop we will explore the difference between values, morals and maxims, highlighting how these intermingle and motivate us. By providing a new way to look at what we believe we can see how our value manifests in our relationships. This powerful insight will change how you view yourself, your life and your relationships.

What Does a Domo Do? Keeping it Organized ~ slave raven

As an extension of the Master's authority and charged with keeping the household operating at its best the Domo has a lot of need to be organized and efficient. We will look at some methods to keeping all the balls in the air without looking like chaos. We will also discuss how the role looks in a D/s or M/s household and what needs to be in place for it to succeed.

Whatever YOU Want: The Lifestyle of a Pleasure Slave ~ Laura Antoniou

Many people claim that they are or want to be/own a pleasure slave. But if your idea of pleasure slave is “Lots of sex and play,” maybe you'd better expand your definition. Pleasure doesn’t start or end at the gonads, after all! The author of the Marketplace series will lead a discussion on pleasure beyond sex and play. Being diverting, witty, supportive, positive, encouraging and directed toward providing someone else that vital flavor of life we call pleasure isn't easy. But it's definitely worth the effort. Learn what it takes to devote yourself to the service of another’s pleasure – and what it takes to create a space in your life for such single-minded service.

The Winter of O/our discontent ~ Master Obsidian and slave namaste

The pain of serious relationship conflict can motivate us to seek relief in ways that are inadequate or even harmful to the fundamental needs of the M/s dynamic. When faced with discord many M/s relationships implode under the weight of discussion, or suffer in silence through chronic conflict avoidance. Frequently, explosive confrontations are the damaging result of frustration on both sides. We believe that there are alternative ways for both Master and slave to communicate serious concerns through a process that is designed to respect, strengthen and perpetuate the M/s relationship, instead of temporarily abandoning the M/s structure to use  an ‘egalitarian’ problem solving model.  Join Master Obsidian and slave namaste on an exploration of practical conflict resolution methods based upon ancient principles. Both Master and slave will be equipped with tools to assist in tackling tough relationship issues without sacrificing the M/s relationship in the process.

Women, Power, and Mastery ~ Mistress Suzan

Like it or not, gender does play a role in all aspects of our lives.  It’s inevitable, unavoidable, and it can be a good thing!  So does our gender affect our Mastery? If so, how?  Do women have different relationships with power than men?  How does being raised in a patriarchal society affect our behavior?  Do we handle authority, leadership, training, discipline, or trust differently?  We all have our own style of Mastery, and this presentation will explore the unique strengths, challenges and gifts of female Masters.  This class always inspires a dynamic, inspiring,  and interesting discussion period!  All are welcome.

You are not alone: Dealing with Depression ~ Master David Cook

This Room in the round format will allow those with depression or those with depression in their household to exchange ideas for living with and perhaps even managing the effects of this common disability. How do you deal with daily activities? How does it impact your Mastery or slavery? What actions have you found helpful to contribute to your M/s relationship in positive or productive ways. Master David is a retired psychologist with almost 30-years of experience.